Why is our Condo getting pin hole leaks?

Cost-effective preventative maintenance solutions for permanently stopping soft water corrosion in copper pipe.

Pinhole Leaks?

Replacing boilers?

We Make Your Water Friendly To Your Plumbing

The 1Clearwater system neutralizes the aggressive nature of soft water.

1Clearwater offers a non-invasive, cost-effective preventative maintenance solution that eliminates pin-hole leaks, repiping, premature boiler replacement, and other costly repairs.

Our team of specialists have years of experience installing and servicing soft water corrosion prevention systems in low and high-rise condo and commercial properties.

We’ve helped save condo owners and strata boards hundreds of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, repiping, and insurance claims.

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why Our system?
Because Our Customers Safety Comes First

1Clearwater Is The Only Company In Canada That Is

CSA Certified (CSA B483.1) To Do This Type Of Water Treatment.

1Clearwater invested time and resources developing a TRUE water treatment system, as there were no monitor and control systems in the market we felt comfortable using; none were built for drinking water. They were simple monitors for waste water and cooling towers. That might be good enough for our competition, but it’s not good enough for 1Clearwater, and not good enough for our customers.

Unlike some companies that fall behind using gadgets that were never designed for for this problem, the 1Clearwater system was built specifically for your property.

1Clearwater’s autonomous technology oversees and controls all aspects of our system, 24/7. And, with remote viewing capability, you can even follow your buildings water quality from your smart phone.

1Clearwater invests back into our customers by developing new technologies and providing the best customer service in the industry.

why Autonomous technology?

Again, Because Our Customers Safety Comes First!

1Clearwater is constantly evolving new technologies putting us years ahead of the industry.

1Clearwater’s proprietary autonomous technology learns your buildings water use habits and acts intuitively as well as reactionary without the need for human intervention, monitoring system components and water quality 14 times per second, 24/7.

There is no system as “high-tech” or effective as the 1Clearwater system.


1ClearWater Treatment Services offers an affordable, cost-effective, and long-term preventative maintenance solution that is uniquely designed for the soft water issues found throughout North America.

Our autonomous water management systems prevents leaks by making the water “friendly” to copper piping. By precisely adding a food grade mineral and balancing the pH of the water, the corrosion process is halted and damaging pinhole leaks never form. No pipes need to be replaced, and no giant costs are incurred by the condo owners and strata boards.

What We Provide

  • The Highest Quality Of Service

  • Documented CSA certified water treatment system

  • Warranty on all equipment installed and supplied
  • Monthly on-site water quality testing and equipment checks
  • Remote monitoring
  • A low cost (as low as $2.90 per unit per month)
  • A strong case for reinstated insurance coverage
  • A strong case for lower insurance deductibles
  • Peace of mind

Frequently asked questions.

Pin-hole leaks and corrosion Q&As

Yes! Every time! The 1Clearwater system adds the “sacrificial anode” that neutralizes the aggressive nature of Lower Mainland water and leaves it harmless to metal plumbing infrastructure.

Yes! The corrosion inhibitors that 1Clearwater uses were created in the early 1980’s specifically for the problem of soft water corrosion, and have been tested/vetted decades ago by not only Health Canada but also the FDA, EPA and WHO. They are safe to use in drinking water and cause no long-term health issues, even for those with compromised health systems.

No. Corrosion Inhibitors that 1Clearwater uses are tasteless, odourless and colourless.

Yes! The 1Clearwater system was built to monitor hospitals, and has remote monitoring capability. Interface with the concierge desk, or view the system from your smart phone.

No. In more than 9 out of 10 installations, the property simply stops leaking and doesn’t leak anymore. Soon all talk of re-piping is forgotten about!

We would never recommend repiping a building using a product that is guaranteed to fail down the road. Currently, we are using the FOURTH generation of lifetime guaranteed plastic pipe (since the first three FAILED). Chlorine is the culprit. Chlorine and plastic pipe do NOT get along! Eventually plastic will go brittle and rupture causing catastrophic water escape.

Nothing is better than copper pipe for drinking water. It is stronger, holds more pressure, higher temperature, is better in a seismic environment and lasts for up to 100 years if the water running through it leaves it alone!

While a personalized proposal will be the best way to determine cost, 1Clearwater has service plans that start as low as $2.90 (plus taxes) per condo unit per month.

No! No long-term contract is required to have 1Clearwater service your building.

Yes! 1Clearwater works closely with Royal Bank for customers that wish to spread the cost of service over a fixed term.

Absolutely! Your buildings mechanical room will be left as it was found.

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