Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

1ClearWater is a water management system that permanently stops corrosion in copper pipe, saves you money and protects your investment

At what stage of construction can 1ClearWater be applied?2021-09-11T22:48:11+00:00

1ClearWater may be applied at any time.

Which cities do you service?2021-09-11T22:52:13+00:00

We service Canada Wide but are based out of Metro Vancouver & the Okanagan.

Contact us at (604) 329-9577 or email us at contact@1clearwater.com for more info.

Are 1ClearWater Products & Equipment Certified?2021-09-12T13:59:59+00:00

Yes! All of our products, from metering equipment to water treatment products are certified by the CSA or Government Standard NSF 60, and meet and exceed City of Vancouver permits and requirements. Each 1ClearWater Water Management System is individually stamped and approved by an engineer upon installation.

How much does the 1ClearWater water management system cost to install in a condo property with pinhole leaks?2021-09-12T14:02:27+00:00

1ClearWater installs it’s systems and services and bills the Strata on an “All Inclusive” rate, we refer to this as the 1ClearWater AquaPlan, that covers unlimited usage of our water treatment products and equipment and services for as little $x.00 per month / condo unit*. This is compared to the cost of replacing copper pipes, which can run to over $xx,000 per condo unit.

*Price/unit can vary depending on the domestic water line size.

How many condo properties use the 1ClearWater system and it’s products in vancouver?2021-09-12T14:04:30+00:00

1ClearWater manages x00+ condo properties in Metro Vancouver, as well as known landmarks such as x, x, and x.

What makes 1ClearWater treatment products so unique?2021-09-12T14:07:09+00:00

1ClearWater AquaSoft product protects your pipes against pinhole leaks. It is proprietary to 1ClearWater and the result of years of refinement and knowledge, with proven results.


1Clearwater’s proven system ensures no further soft water corrosion damage to your piping or plumbing infrastructure. All of this begins to take effect within weeks of our installation. No costly pinhole leaks, no premature boiler replacement and no more repiping.

Why Not Switch to Plastic Pipe?

Copper pipe is far superior for plumbing than plastic, especially in a low or high-rise structure.

It holds far more pressure, is far better in an earthquake environment, lasts far longer with chlorinated water, and — with a small amount of minerals added — can last close to 100 years.

The Solution

Our precision water management systems prevent leaks by making the water “friendly” to copper piping by adding food grade minerals and adjusting the pH balance of the water.

This halts the corrosion process and the damaging pinhole leaks never form. No walls need to be ripped out, no pipes need to be replaced, and no giant costs are incurred by the condo owners and strata boards.

Our Customers Love Us

Don’t just take our word for it, read it from them

“It was getting ugly before we got the service from 1ClearWater. We would recommend it for sure. They are professionally knowledgeable, did a good presentation. This water service should be mandatory in all strata buildings.”
Mike S, The Ave.
“We like that there is a service looking after the water quality. It was costing the owners thousands and thousands of dollars, now the owners are very happy. It’s a ‘night & day difference’, 1ClearWater technicians are open, honest and organized. We would recommend this service to others.”
Strata Manager, Baywest Management Corp.
“Like the system, I know it’s working as advertised, we’re not repairing pinhole leaks anymore. Yes, I would recommend this service to others. It’s been pretty good dealing with them.”
Strata Manager, Central Richmond condo/townhouse complex with over 200 units
“Service is good, I would recommend this service for others. They are responsive, when I email them they respond right away.”
Strata Manager, 140 Unit Condo in Vancouver
“Glad we switched to a safety conscious professional company. Feels good knowing that our property is now protected with documented proof of corrosion inhibitors used in the treatment of our drinking water. Our Mechanical Room is now compliant with all the codes including Worksafe BC, plumbing and electrical.”
Donald D, Heritage at Cypress
“We get great service from 1ClearWater, the leaks have virtually disappeared. Yes we would recommend them and we already present their services to other strata councils. Mechanical contractors are also recommending their services. Bill and Mike are good to work with, very knowledgeable.”
Adam L, The Chatham

Our professional service is second to none. The 1ClearWater system uses the latest in technologies enabling us to offer a proactive investment, rather than a large reactive expense.

When our work is done, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected and is being taken care of.

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