Eli – Building Manger

Our building hasn’t had a pin-hole leak since we installed the 1Clearwater system, over 4 years ago!

Our Owners LOVE these guys!

Ted – Building Manger

Our building was having one or two leaks a month before we called 1Clearwater. We haven’t had a leak since!

So impressed with the service, their techs are here all the time!

Our customers love our service and attention to safety and detail.

Why not request a quote now and let us work with you on your next move.

Kal – Building Manager

We had multiple problems with another service provider so we switched to 1Clearwater.

After seeing the service provided by 1Clearwater, I would only recommend others to skip the frustration and just choose 1Clearwater.

Don – Strata President

Not a leak since installation, after multiple leaks every year. We were questioning a re-pipe until we found 1Clearwater, now a re-pipe is no longer even talked about!

Very professional system and set up! This system is here to stay!

Jeff – Strata President

We had the other company and had multiple issues, AND kept leaking.

We switched to 1Clearwater and have had no leaks and have enjoyed superior service ever since.

1Clearwater is #1 !!