Competition Eye Wash... Seriously?Competition Eye Wash... Seriously?
Competition MessCompetition Mess

Above (left) shows the the competitions un-permited saddles and chemical dripping. On the right, the 1Clearwater certified injection manifold


Above (left) shows the competition spaghetti mess effluent controller. On the right is the 1Clearwater proprietary certified monitor and control panel.

Our Clients Love Us

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“1ClearWater implemented a water treatment system and eliminated ongoing powdery mildew problems. The powdery mildew disappeared and even with our crew bringing in infected plants and placing them amongst the non-infected plants there was no contamination to the healthy plants and the fungus was eradicated on the effected plants.”

Vince, Bron & Sons Nursery
“It was getting ugly before we got the service from 1ClearWater. We would recommend it for sure. They are professionally knowledgeable, did a good presentation. This water service should be mandatory in all strata buildings.”
Mike, The Ave.
“We like that there is a service looking after the water quality. It was costing the owners thousands and thousands of dollars, now the owners are very happy. It’s a ‘night & day difference’, 1ClearWater technicians are open, honest and organized. We would recommend this service to others.”
Strata Manager, Baywest Management Corp.
“Like the system, I know it’s working as advertised, we’re not repairing pinhole leaks anymore. Yes, I would recommend this service to others. It’s been pretty good dealing with them.”
Strata Manager, Central Richmond condo/townhouse complex with over 200 units
“Service is good, I would recommend this service for others. They are responsive, when I email them they respond right away.”
Strata Manager, 140 Unit Condo in Vancouver
“Glad we switched to a safety conscious professional company. Feels good knowing that our property is now protected with documented proof of corrosion inhibitors used in the treatment of our drinking water. Our Mechanical Room is now compliant with all the codes including Worksafe BC, plumbing and electrical.”
Donald, Heritage at Cypress
“We get great service from 1ClearWater, the leaks have virtually disappeared. Yes we would recommend them and we already present their services to other strata councils. Mechanical contractors are also recommending their services. Bill and Mike are good to work with, very knowledgeable.”
Adam, The Chatham
We had the “competition”, so glad we found 1Clearwater. We went from really poor service to great 1Clearwater service! We went from leaking to no longer leaking once Clearwater started their service. Very happy now!
Sam M. , Building Manager 80 unit Condo

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Here’s Why 1ClearWater Technology Beats All Other Systems

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We’re a growing team of water management system experts and thought leaders — full of personality minus the ego.

Bill Lee

Bill attributes his success in multiple performance-based industries on the belief that he was committed to providing significantly more value to his employers and customers than anyone else in the field

Mike Seifert

Mike brings more than 10 years experience in Water Treatment Technologies and solutions. He has refined his skills working with different companies and service types. His expertise focuses on making creative ideas become attainable solutions, providing strategic ways of bridging ideas to execution.