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Water management systems that permanently stop corrosion in copper pipe and save you money.

Water Treatment Systems

1ClearWater Technology is a leader in water treatment throughout the lower mainland. We’ve installed countless water treatments systems in condo units and high-rise apartment buildings, helping our clients save money, time, and headaches.

Soft Water Corrosion

Soft Water Corrosion Prevention Systems

The first signs of a soft water corrosion problem are often soggy carpets, runs in the drywall, and ruined hardwood flooring. Sadly, bigger problems lurk in your building’s water system including the potential for huge failures and mould—a serious health and safety concern. The cost to repair can be financially devastating to condo owners and without a solution to stop pinhole leaks from forming in the first place, can occur again in less than ten years.

1Clearwater Treatment Services offers a cost-effective solution that eliminates repiping, premature boiler replacement, and other costly repairs. Our team of specialists have years of experience installing and servicing soft water corrosion prevention systems in low and high-rise condo and commercial properties. We’ve helped save condo owners and strata boards thousands in unnecessary repairs, repiping, and insurance claims.

What Causes Soft Water Corrosion and Pinhole Leaks?

The water in most of North America has a natural pH of 7 or higher, and has dissolved mineral in it such as Calcium and Manganese. Over time, these minerals attach to the inside of the copper pipe, forming a protective layer that keeps flowing water away from the copper. If the water can’t touch the pipe, the water can’t hurt the pipe!

Metro Vancouver has some of the best, safest drinking water in the world. It is beautiful to bathe and clean with, and Metro Vancouver does a great job filtering, sterilizing and delivering it to your tap. But this beautiful water has one inherent problem; it is extremely aggressive and hard on metal plumbing infrastructure. It is naturally soft (which means it has very few minerals in it).

Without these minerals, no protective barriers form inside the pipe and soon the soft water starts to attack the copper pipe, creating pinhole leaks. Furthermore, our higher temperatures and the higher pressures found in our water systems increases the speed of soft water corrosion.

Why Not Switch to Plastic Pipe?

Copper pipe is far superior for plumbing than plastic, especially in a low or high-rise structure. It holds far more pressure, is far better in an earthquake environment, lasts far longer with chlorinated water, and—with a small amount of minerals added—can last close to 100 years.

The Solution

1ClearWater Treatment Services offers an affordable, cost-effective, and long-term solution that is uniquely designed for the soft water issues found here in Vancouver.

Our precision water management systems prevent leaks by making the water “friendly” to copper piping. By adding food grade minerals and adjusting the pH balance of the water, the corrosion process is halted and damaging pinhole leaks never form. No walls need to be ripped out, no pipes need to be replaced, and no giant costs are incurred by the condo owners and strata boards.

We provide:

  • Warranty on all equipment installed and supplied (Please contact our office for details.);
  • Monthly water quality testing and equipment checks;
  • A low cost (as low as $4.90 per unit per month);
  • A strong case for reinstated insurance coverage;
  • A strong case for lower deductibles;
  • Protection of your investment;
  • Peace of mind (read our testimonials);

1ClearWater Technologies

Don’t let repair bills get you down. Our water treatment systems can help save you money by eliminating soft water corrosion in your condo. Contact us for more information, to arrange an inspection, or have us discuss the options with your strata board. CONTACT US (button)

Hard Water Scaling

1ClearWater AquaSoft is used to address the problems of hard water scaling in high rise condominiums and commercial properties. Our unique blend of food-grade polyphosphate minerals target the hardened scale deposits, first releasing them from your plumbing walls and then, crucially, sequestering the minerals, preventing them from reforming. Once old scale and bio-film deposits have successfully been removed, we introduce a microscopic protective coating to protect the inner surface of your plumbing from pinhole leaks and excessive wear. This treatment will significantly extend the life of your plumbing with minimal problems.

Agriculture & Farming

Save money and increase yields with water treatment systems designed for your agricultural needs.

Waste Water

Water treatment systems designed to help your effluent water meet municipal standards.

Small Water

Water treatment systems for small water applications such as lake pumps, wells, etc.

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