All 1Clearwater systems are fully CSA B483.1 Certified

1Clearwater Technology systems are the FIRST AND ONLY SYSTEMS IN CANADA to achieve CSA B483.1 certification for point-of-entry plumbed water treatment systems.

1Clearwater systems have been rigorously tested and certified to CSA Standard B483.1, ensuring safety and confidence in our systems to safely provide the service for soft water corrosion control in the Lower Mainland, and all drinking water treatment Canada wide.

How Was Certification Achieved?

Engineers from the Electronic Testing Lab at Intertek spent 21 months rigorously working with the 1Clearwater system, components and technicians, examining and testing every component and safety redundancy used in a 1Clearwater system before they awarded the certification of this high standard.

How Is CSA Certification Different Than NSF Certification?

NSF certification is required for all manufacturers of water treatment chemicals as well as any manufactured components that touch drinking water. A water treatment system might use components from 10 different manufacturers, and each manufacturer will have the NSF (or ANSI) certification for its own component.

CSA B483.1 certification is VERY different. CSA certification is the certification of the entire system, as a system, not just individual components. It is achieved only when testing engineers are satisfied that all components working together as a system demonstrate safety and safety redundancies that ensure the safety of the end user (you!).

It is a big step further than NSF certification, and is now required in most Municipalities for systems being installed for drinking water treatment.

DON’T BE FOOLED! Having NSF certification for a chemical or component is NOT the same as CSA system certification!

Ask your current service provider for their “Authorization to mark” their system as certified to CSA B483.1.


What About Systems Installed That Don’t Meet This Standard?

There are systems currently in use that do not meet this CSA certification. Even if you have a permit from the Municipality, it doesn’t confirm the system is CSA certified.

Protect yourself! It may be a good idea to;

  • stop using these systems as they could leave you vulnerable to unsafe water treatment or even a future rejected insurance claim.
  • have your insurance provider confirm they will honour claims if your Strata chooses to use a non-certified system.
  • secure a copy of the engineering report that signed off on your water treatment system.
  • request your systems proof of CSA certification to B483.1.


All 1Clearwater systems are fully CSA B483.1 certified, regardless of when they were installed.

1Clearwater certification can be found here:$$Search?
OpenForm, or, scan this QR Code:

In the “search” field, simply type B483.1 and click the search button to find the 1Clearwater certification.


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